Monday, July 16, 2012

The last Post

It's Sunday Night and it's been ages since I wrote anything on my blog and this is going to be my last post here cause I'm moving to Junior High with a dormitory witch I will be staying in. My writings will be on paper and then pasted on another blog that I will make soon, oh and I can only get out of school every 2 weeks on Saturday so my new postings will be on Sundays. You might think that I could do it at school but there's a rule that no one is allowed to bring any electronics or so what they thin is useless or may prevent you from studying to the dormitory and my guess is at school there won't be any internet connections. Here's the school web link ,oh and for any of you that doesn't know, I'm Indonesian and it's Indonesian so you could always put the Google translator to use or any other translators. The schools is a similar to a Pesantren (
but without making the Islamic study's their top priority.

Anyhow thanks for reading and I want to Know your Opinion on my School / Pesantren
Truth is I don't really like it (well, so much for that!) thanks guys!       

Sunday, April 8, 2012

UAS: Ujian Akhir Sekolah/End-of-School Test

Sunday, 8th April 2012

Tomorrow will be the first day of UAS or aka End-of-School Test which means that I'll be Graduating to Junior High School sooner or later but because of this stupid test which I somehow think it wouldn't be any use to anyone for Junior High School maybe cause that they don't have it in other countries like in Australia. There in Aus we didn't even have one single test about anything what we learned or Is is it me who forgot? but I only left Australia before I even finished 3rd grade so how would I know? Anyway I tried to search it in the net but got no answer. So as I was saying, the End-of-school Test isn't gonna be any use in the future cause in Indonesia the subjects consist of materials need to be remembered and I really suck at remembering stuff so maybe thats why I kinda hate it.

Oh there is another similar test in Indonesia called the UN : Ujian National which means National test and this test must be done to Enroll in all Indonesian schools. What I don't like about the UN is cause some kids think of it too much, I once saw the news about some kid suicides just cause he couldn't pass the stupid test and thats just too Ridiculous for me hearing that a kid kills him self just cause he couldn't pass a test. Anyway what I think is that the Educational system isn't in balance cause what I've been doing in school lately is only trying to remember something nothing more but sometimes I can see a difference in every year from the effort of the teachers. Rather than blaming the teachers I'd rather blame the Government or the Higher ups that lead Indonesia cause all they do is Corrupt and take money for themselves rather than making a better country for everyone to enjoy. Ok thats all i've got to say cause I don't wanna waste time to study for Tomorrow and thanks for Reading!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

StrongHold 2

stronghold 2 is my most played game for me and now it's one of my favorite game that I play. For my cousins they also like it (just the boys) cause it is similar to Sim city but it has wars and battles on the empire ages. well for me it is the most popular strategy game (well I also like rise of nations) and others not so cause I know that they don't know you know what I mean? well I don't care what you think about the game or even rate it but for me it is the best if there isn't rise of Nations around. I like the game cause it can give me a good react for drawing or even school projects, but it is a game I like when I'm bored, waiting for downloads or Installs and when waiting when the Internet is off (except multiplayer). It also gives a strategy moves on chess or other strategy games , good thing for Plans on building placement (more like Sim city). this game is like Life in the old days and your the King controlling every thing in your castle and commanding men to move and attack, and you make up to the campaign and you will become Matthew steel with your friend sir William and you will be trained to make a very defensive castle to battle your enemy's.

well I should mentions the characters should I? Ok we'll star with the character your using "Matthew steel" then goes to the main character "Sir William" (his flag looks like the scouts symbol) Now the story goes like this. One day the king of the lands vanished and Sir William and Matthew Steel went to search their king so they went to Lord Barclay's Castle and searched the king but they found nothing except rotten food, Barclay is a evil lord that tries to kill the king and take the crown him self. then the two went to a small wooden castle that belong to Jacobs monks and started building up while William and went to a land nearby to hire some archers. there you will begin to start building up your castle structures and rebuild the broken bridge leading to Jacob's monestry, Jacob is the head of the of the monks in the land and also a good friend of Matthew. then after that you will struggle when you get attacked by Olaf's beserkers or you can build up men and walls to battle the beserkers. Olaf Grimtooth one of the last viking warlords and the head of the beserkers also an ally of Barclay. then the two took their best men and marched to Lady serens castle, Lady seren is a ally of barclay too but she betrayed him and became the ally of the king but in the past she Almost married Sir William but now.....The two commenced the siege and took the prisoner named Edward Blackfly, Edward Blackfly is a traitor of England and an ally of Barclay and that was a secret he kept.

now if you want to know more Just buy the game should be in the local game stores but in Indonesia some could be fake so be careful or you can buy online well it's up to you. now if your bored on Stronghold 2 you can buy no 1 or buy Stronghold Legends but the characters will be different also the game play. see you later!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last day of school

Hi guys I'm gonna tell you about my last day of school. ( this year) Since I have nothing to write so I just wrote this cause it just popped out of my mind and also my mum told me to write something in my blog so it's not a option. Now in the morning I took a shower then had breakfast and then done all the things that I usually do. Then my Dad drove me to Kharisma Bangsa ( the school I go to) and dropped me there. oh i forget to mention that this week was the last week so the whole elementary students done some physical activities such as Basket ball, running and more. The day we done this was on Wednesday and it was very fun. when we played basketball grade 4 (my class) loss to grade 3 ( well my feet hurts so i couldn't run and I had to stay at the back defending). The other grades also play but i think they didn't score cause the ring was to high. Well after all that we had lunch then the elementary students prayed. after that we went all home oh before that we exchanged our points for something in the hall then we went home. Some stayed for a while to play with their friends for the last semester. Well for me that wasn't the last day cause my brother had a circumcision party and he invited friends and teachers from school. The party was on Saturday and many people came from school and my mums office.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi dudes wana go fishing nah its pasted man, oh im gonna tell you about when i was fishin. first me my friends and me bro took of with some slimy earth worms that we just bought from th we went down the hill in the farm nextto the bloody river witch has lots of little fish that you can cook up. so we hooked the worm threw it to some one and wait for a couple of time till the fish eats the hook till dead. so we caught one and kept doing it for 3 HOURS we got 2 kg of little fish to grill but we didn't so we just put them all in the pond.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My crazy cats

Alright I'm gonna talk about my cats at home that is still very young and cute. Oh first thing, my cats are Persian cats so they look kinda fat but their actually not that fat that u see often.

The first cat that I own is Pus, Pus is the cat that my grandpa use to have but now i keep it. Pus doesn't like to move around lately and she eats a lot so far now shes kinda fat or what you say is over weighted or what ever, oh and Pus in Indonesian Language means cat so it's the same. Pus is already 4 years now but looks like already like 6-7 years or older. Pus has the color brown,black and white all on stripes but not the color white. Pus doesn't really like cat food like Whiskas or Royal Canin she likes fish better like sardines or cod or any fish so shes like an cat thats like wild or something but she doesn't eat stuff at the rubbish bin.

Ok next is the lightest cat that i own ( I actually have 3 cats anyway ) the cats name is Mini. Mini is very playful still baby ( 9 months ) like to play with some thing long for example pule rope or wire or even my brothers hair ( cause it's long ) She also like to eat lizards cause she thinks that the lizards are vitamin for her and thats wierd ( i didn't teach her to eat lizards so it's not my fault ) When she goes outside she plays with frogs, birds and other animals that like to be on the field. Mini is house cat but she likes playing outside cause shes bored inside. Mini doesn't eat that much so shes kinda skinny. she like to drink ( maybe she drink more then she eat like my brother never finish his meals just once or twice ) and look out side the window when shes inside.

Now for the finale cat i call Maxi. He oftens play with Mini, like to sleep on my bed and even eat Mini's food if he finishes his own food ( when his really hungry ) Maxi likes to eat just like his dad, Maxi's dad is very big and fat thats why Maxi like to eat a lot. Just like his father Maxi is big and fat but not fatter then his dad. Oh by the way Maxi is youger then Mini just by 3-2 months and Maxi has a flat face but not Mini and Pus so Maxi will wet his chin if he drinks.

ok how about i tell you more about something else so see ya

Written by Elkana Maruf

Saturday, June 27, 2009


On friday 26th of June me and my family went to Bintaro plaza to watch the movie King at the movie theater. We went on 4 o'clock at noon and arrived at Bintaro plaza on 4.30 p.m. We parked our car near the entrance of the plaza and went to the third floor to buy the tickets at the place called cinema 21. The seats of the first show was full so we had to watch the second show at 7 o'clock. We had dinner first at KFC and then we went down to the first floor to get my new glasses. After that went to Gramedia to look at books and then we went to the cinema place again to watch the movie.

The movie king is about a boy named Guntur plays Batminton to be the champion or the number one winner of batminton or something like that. Guntur's father punishes Guntur if hi lost in Batminton. His friends Radel and Mishel cheer him and help him when Guntur needs help or when sad. In the end of the story Guntur became a champion of batminton just like the guy King.

The End